Traveling from Fort Wilderness to Riviera

Hi! How would you travel from Fort Wilderness to the Riviera Resort for a late breakfast? We will have our own vehicle, but I wasn’t sure if we would be able to park at a different resort for free. My kids would love to ride the Skyliner. Thanks for your help!

If you are staying onsite and have an ADR at Topolino’s you would be allowed to park at Riviera for free.

If you were intending to eat at the QS place (the name escapes me now) that is harder because they may not let you in to park. You could park at DHS and take the Skyliner to Riviera - you would need to change at CBR.


my understanding is that if you have a reservation you will be allowed in and able to park for free (show your MDE reservation) If you are trying to do QS, but are staying on property at another resort I believe they’ll let you in too, but someone else should chime in on the last part QS resort access.

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I think the easiest would be to take the boat to MK then take the bus to Riviera. Or bus from Ft. Wilderness to either DHS or Epcot and then Skyliner to Riviera. On the way back to Ft. Wilderness, you could get on the Skyliner at the Riviera station and take it to either Epcot or DHS. Then take the bus back to Ft. Wilderness from one of those two parks.


There are many reports of people not being allowed to drive in and park at a resort to eat at QS restaurants, even when staying elsewhere onsite. Even rode shares like Uber have been refused entry. But I am aware a few people here said they were waived in.

I wouldn’t be relying on being allowed in to park at another resort without an actual ADR.

Edited to clarify that it’s the arriving by car that’s the issue for QS dining.


but… if you take internal transportation you can go to any resort


Okay thank you all! Great ideas! We do have an ADR for Topolono’s Terrace that morning. I guess if we don’t want to ride a bus we could drive to Epcot or HS and take the Skyliner from there as well.

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So if you have an ADR you can drive there and park if you want, no problem at all.

You can’t drive to Epcot then take Skyliner. But you can from HS.

For Epcot, parking lot is at main gate, but Skyliner is at International Gateway.


Okay thank you!