Travelers from NY State

Can anyone advise what the airport arrival, hotel check in and park entry experiences are like for someone with a NY State Driver’s License since re-opening of Disney World 7/11/2020?

I don’t have firsthand knowledge but my understanding of the vaguely-worded emails I had gotten from Disney before rescheduling our 7/16 trip seemed to indicate that I wouldn’t be allowed to check into the hotel at all without quarantining for 14 days first. Maybe they were just trying to discourage me from coming (which they did, quite efficiently) but that’s how I interpreted it. I’m curious to hear from someone who is there as well though.

Interesting as I just saw this for travelers from Florida flying in to NY it looks like my one week at WDW will turn into five weeks with two fourteen days of quarantine one in Florida and then one in NY upon return.