Travel with graduate student

Advice needed. We have an Alaskan Cruise booked for end of May 2022. I figured date was perfect for end of school but prior to summer classes. My daughter just got into a Masters program that goes thru mid June. No idea if grad students can “work ahead” and take a week off? Should I take her off cruise ressie now or get her the trip cancellation insurance. Or neither and just replace her last minute if she can’t go? So excited for her acceptance but I honestly thought about the cruise too….

I’d say it all depend on what exactly she is doing at that time. It depends on the teacher, the school, her class, etc. Go talk to her school advisor or major professor. There are so many different schools/programs/classes/instructors for me to know what will work for her. For some programs, it may be no big deal, but for others, it could be an absolute deal breaker. Good luck!

When I was in grad school there was no way I could take a week off. Depends on the program. She will need to ask way ahead of time to see what the professors and program say. My program had a limited of absences before being put on probation.

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It depends on the program, but I would say no, she can’t leave early, unless the program is an online one and you are willing to pay for the internet while on the ship. (But that means that she will be on the cruise working the whole time instead of having fun. At that point she might as well stay home.) There could be significant repercussions in regards to how serious they take her for the program, future letters of recommendations, and just being able to take the finals for the course. And if it a program that requires certifications, they may be going on at the end of the term.

Great replies, thank you!

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