Travel time from WL to MK

Hi all, getting so excited for our upcoming trip next week! So we arrive next Wednesday 8/29 and will not be at the parks that day. Our first park day will be Thursday 8/30 at Magic Kingdom, and we have breakfast reservations at Crystal Palace for 8:05 AM.

My question has to do with timing of our stroller rental. I rented a double stroller from Magic Strollers, and its set to arrive “by 7 AM” on 8/30, at our resort (Wilderness Lodge). We wont really need the stroller on 8/29 and so I don’t want to pay for an extra day unnecessarily. But I’m questioning now whether this will allow enough time for us to grab the stroller from the front desk of WL at 7 and make it to CP by 8:05. Thoughts? Do you think we will be ok or is this cutting it too close?

Thanks for any input!

Should be fine. Grab the stroller and hop on the bus or the boat. You’ll be there in no time.

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Thanks, I figured as much when I made the stroller reservation, but I’m in last-minute-second-guess-everything mode. :slight_smile:

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I believe there’s a 10-15 grace period for dining too. You should be ok as is. Plus, the stroller may be there earlier.

Bus would probably be faster than boat, but it could just be luck of the draw. It’s closer to the front entrance, whereas you’ll have to go out the back and down to the dock for the boat. We waited for one for 20 minutes (it never came) and ended up driving to MK last time we were there.

I never had to wait long for a boat from WL to MK. After you are on the boat, my guess is it’s less than a 15 minute ride.