Travel time from TTC

We’re some of the crazy people tackling WDW during spring break and hope to head off the ‘level 10 Crazy’ with a TP starting at rope drop. We are, however, staying offsite (just to the south in Windsor Hills) and wanted some advice about travel time to MK from the TTC. If we want to be there for rope drop and the opening ceremony, what time should we plan to arrive at the TTC parking lot to allow time for the monorail and bag check? All the advice i’ve found thus far assumes you’re staying on site and my understanding is that resort buses take you direct to the MK gate. TIA.

We stayed offsite a couple of months ago, but we were there during a “slower” time. The only morning we went to MK was for a pre-RD breakfast at BOG, so we were super early, but there were already crowds forming for a 9am opening. We parked at TTC in the front row at 7:15, walked to the boat (only thing running that early), crossed the lake and got through bag check pretty quickly, and were in line to enter the park early at 7:45. So for you I would recommend being in the parking lot at least an hour and 15 minutes before the park opens and assume it will take about 30 minutes to get from there through bag check. I personally would give myself even more time, but I’m the crazy person that wants to be the first one there, so I’m being conservative with my estimates :slight_smile: However the boat is probably the slowest form of transportation, so depending on the lines you may get there by monorail quicker.

60 min at a bare minimum, 90 would be better. You’ll have to park, walk or take a tram to the TTC, wait for a mono or ferry, ride the mono or ferry, walk to and wait in the bag check line, and finally line up at the tapstyles. This is assuming that your tickets are ready to go. If you have to purchase tickets, or activate an AP, you’ll need to add an additional line at the TTC. The opening show starts approx.10 min before the park opens. It’s also better to be at the front of the RD “pack” than at the back.

Some might say that on a CL 10 day 90 should be the minimum and 120 is better, but I’ve never been when it was that crowded, and 90 has always been (more than) enough for me.

Thank you! We’re going to have to get ourselves organised!!! VERY excited!