Travel Time from EPCOT to AK by Car

Our first full day this July we will do a lazy morning at Pop, afternoon at EPCOT, followed by the evening at AK so we can see ROL. I plan on driving our own vehicle.

How much should I allow for travel time between the two parks?

Anyone have any insight into the realities of moving between EPCOT and AK?


I think you might end up spending more time getting to and from your car than driving. I’ve never used my own or a rental car to go to a park, so I don’t know how long it takes waiting for and riding a tram from far away parking.

If this were our plan, we’d look at a bus from Pop to EP, then Uber to DAK. Figure 20 minutes from EP tapstyle to DAK security screen. Probably around $10.

I haven’t personally ever made the trip from Epcot to AK, but I can tell you that on our previous two trips we have driven our own car everywhere and it’s never taken us more than 15-20 minutes by car to get anywhere on property. As said above, you also have to add to that the time it takes to get out of the park and to your car though. Hope that might help a bit.

In the past we flew and didn’t have a vehicle so I would just figure out the timing on the buses. I’m more than happy to leave the car at Pop when the buses work, but I would also prefer to drive the car over paying for an Uber.