Travel Time for Uber or Minnie Van

On the days that we plan to go to Magic Kingdom, I’d like to arrive at the gates at 7:30. We are staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge. If we take the bus, I assume we’ll want to be at the bus depot at 6:30 (if they’re running). If we take an Uber, what time should we request the car (they drop us at the ticket/monorail station, right)? If we take a Minnie Van (They can take us to the front I believe??) what time should we request the car? How much time does it take once the uber drops you at the monorail station. (Never done this before)

I’d like to give my kiddos a few extra minutes of sleep in the morning, but if it doesn’t save us THAT much time, I might not pay for the car service. What do you guys prefer to do on early morning MK days?

MK Day 1: we want to be at early magic hours (8 AM so arrive 7:30)
MK Day 2: we have Early Morning Magic (7:45 AM so arrive at 7:30)


Can I hijack your thread and add one more question of our helpful Liner pals?

What time should one call Lyft for a drop-off at the Contemporary in order to be at the entrance to MK by 7:30 am?



Yes! And do you think @Pod’s suggestion of a Contemporary drop off is better than a Minnie Van or regular MK Uber drop off.

Is it “okay” to drop off at Contemprary and monorail to MK?


Way faster to get dropped off at CR and walk over to MK then monorail. If you requested a regular UBER/LYFT MK drop off, they are supposed to drop you at TTC. The closest drop off option is Minnie Vans which is why they cost extra.

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Yes, I am wondering about walking over from the Contemporary. What time to call Lyft in order to get to the main entrance by 7:30?

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No one wants to answer our questions :frowning:

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I’ve never done done it, but I’ll guess and keep your thread going.

Request uber at 7am, pickup at 7:05, dropped at contemporary at 7:25. At entrance at 7:30.

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Where are you staying?

Never mind just saw it… I’d request 6:55 max 10 min… for Uber. Minnie can can take awhile to get one. Never used Uber before. But I would guess it’s 20 mins from AKL to MK.

Also keeping thread going—-no experience with Uber.

But that doesn’t include time from the TTC to the gate, right?

Maybe at about 0655 look for a Minnie Van first since they bypass the TTC, and if there’s not one readily available get Lyft/Uber to the Contemporary & walk over.

Unless she does the contemporary trick… no experience with it. I’d def add time for TTC though.

At 6:45am I would walk to bus stop, if nothing due within 15 mins, I would call an uber or lyft to the contemporary


Wouldn’t the bus wait times show up on MDE?

Buses for magic kingdom seemed to start the earliest and come the most often and yes you can use the app to check but it’s not 100% accurate.

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