Travel Time for Resort Meals

This will be our very first trip with a Disney Dining Plan and we’ve made reservations for 'Ohana Dinner and Chef Mickey. How much travel time should I give us in our plans? What’s the best way (staying in July) to get from MK to the Polynesian and Contemporary? I was thinking monorail? I read it takes about 10-15min to get to Poly from MK? Will that be accurate for July? We didn’t use any Disney transportation (minus the big ferry boat to get to MK) the last time we went to WDW. We drove our van and paid to park at each park. We also stayed off-site. This is our first time on-site. We have lots to learn!

MK to Poly you can: bus, boat, monorail. Monorail is quickest unless it breaks down. I would take the boat if you have the time. You can walk to CR from MK. Here is a link that can help use it as a guide not 100% but should give you a good estimate.


Thank you! How often does the monorail break down?

I don’t know I have not been on it in over 10 years. But from what I hear often, they are at least 5 years over due for new ones.

Yes, the monorail is out of commission sometimes. We were there last June and wanted to go from Poly around 9 am (after 'Ohana Breakfast) to EPCOT. No monorail. They had buses running from the TTC. I didn’t see the monorail running that day until the late afternoon.

I like the boat from Poly to MK too. Just be aware that it will close when thunder is within a certain range. Thunderstorms are frequent in FL summer.

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Do the monorails run during storms?

The monorail will but they may stop the boats.

In case you weren’t sure, you can also drive to either of those hotels and park there with an ADR. If you are leaving directly afterwards, it might be easier. You can also walk to the Polynesian directly from the TTC (where you park your car for MK) if by chance you are coming from an afternoon break and want to return to the park afterwards.