Travel Time for Offsite Guests

The fam and I will being staying offsite this Oct (gasp!). LOL! We will be staying just off of Rt 192 in Kissimmee. Google maps show the travel time as 10 minutes to MK. I'm sure that is true if there was no traffic....that being said, does anyone have an idea of how long it will really take us to get there from our condo? I want to make sure I have allotted enough time to make it to any given park for RD!

google says 10m.

let's say RD is 9am; since you're driving to MK, you'll be parking at the TTC and either taking the mono or the ferry to MK. Let's say you want to get to the tapstyles by 8:30am. You'll want to be at the TTC around 8am so you have time to park and get over to the park.

for the other parks, I would say to give yourself 30-45 minutes. You may not hit too much traffic, but if you do, you're covered. And if you don't, you'll be first in the tapstiles.

Even when I'm taking the buses around the parks, I allot myself that amount of time.

Hope that helps!

We've found that the travel time that they post is to get to the parking ticket booth and not to the actual parks itself, so you can add about 5-10 minutes to get into a parking space from any travel time listed.

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We've stayed in Windsor Hills twice, sounds like the same area (I know we were near Kissimmee and south of 192 off Old Nelson Dr or something). I think it was about 15 min to MK, much less to AK. If you're in that area, take the Sherbeth road in vs World Dr. Shaved 5-10 mins off trip. I apologize for the vague/sketchy instructions; DH drives the whole time, not me.

I think the other advantage to the Sherbeth Rd is you don't have to deal w as much local rush hour traffic either. Worst drive was going to DTD.

Thanks for the help everyone! This information will really help make sure I can round up the troops and make it to the parks early enough! @PianoMinnie, we will be staying at Mystic Dunes Golf Resort which is right down the street for Windsor Hills so your info is especially valuable! smile

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Cool! I didn't feel like it took long to get there, but the first time we stayed, we definitely underestimated the time it would take to get from the TTC lot to MK. You mapquest times sound about right, and take the other posters' advice for how long to add to RD. It's been 2 years since we stayed there so again, my memory is fuzzy.

We stay very close to where you are every year. My tip is take Black lake road to get onto Sherbeth. Agree with the timing already mentioned. it's very straightforward, and very near AK and BB.

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Thx @jabolt! Any tips to save some time in transit is greatly apprectiated!

Sounds about where we stay when my In-Laws are with us (THey own time shares at Orange Lake. Great villas/apartments, haven't ever used the recreation) Yeah, we can make it in 10 min from TTC gates, but that's at like 1 am. More likely 20 min, and an hour and a half if one of the cheap hotels catches fire again...

Is this a frequent occurance?!? scream_cat

I'm sure not, just citing a worst case scenario that actually happened.

Well, if not fires, there's always sinkholes…. wink

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I'm just going to pray that we do not encounter either of these 2 scenarios...that would totally throw a wrench in the works! (to say the least...) smile

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