Travel time AK to MK

We are doing AK before the MVMCP on the 9th of November. We have a FoP FP+ for 2:15-3:15. What’s the latest we can stay at AK and still make it to MK by 4:00? Will we make it if we ride around the start of the FP+ time? I’m not sure about travel time between AK and MK.

Personally, unless there’s some major delay, I would think as long as you’re leaving AK by 3-3:15, you’ll be there by 4. Depending on the buses, you may even be a bit early but I’d rather be early than late.

That being said, that would just get you to the gates by 4. It’s rather hard to say how long it may take you to get in just based on crowds that day.

You can get there at 4:15 and be okay. Without park hopping you need to wait until 4 but can get there anytime afterwards.

OK, let’s say you just finished Thunder Mountain at MK and you are parked in the parking lot. It will take 45 minutes for you to get from the inside attraction at MK to your car in the parking lot. Then it’s 10 to 15 minutes to drive to AK and another 15 minutes to get from the parking lot to get through the front gate. I’m a local passholder that goes about once a month to MK and have timed my time to get from attraction to the parking lot many times. It’s pretty consistent. Padding your time will create a lot less stress.