Travel question

I plan to RD FEA on a CL 10 day. It is a 9AM opening. What time should I leave SOG. (Planning to walk across the street to the POLY to grab transportation)


So does everyone think an hour will be enough time?

I would suggest you be at the park an hour before opening if you want to be toward the front of the pack on CL10. So would leave at least 90 minutes ahead, maybe more.

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What are your plans when you get to the Poly? Is walking to the TTC an option?

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That would save time if it’s feasible. Just hop an Epcot train instead of riding around to transfer

I use this page to estimate walking time from SOG to the Poly (10-15 min). I think multiply by two if you plan to walk all the way to the TTC? Then add time for security and the monorail line/ride. I think I’d leave SOG NLT 7:15, maybe even 7:00 on a CL 10.

Thank you for the link!!!