Travel Question @ MK During Parade Times

Can I get from Pirates League (reservation at 2:00 PM) to the FP viewing spot for the Parade at 3:00 PM only July 5th (crowd calender says a 6)??? They say that Pirates League only takes about 30 minutes, so I think I should be “safe”… But then again, I don’t know how crowded the streets are & if we will make it? Or should I just aim to find a spot somewhere in Liberty Square?

I think you could probably get there in half an hour, but that is assuming they actually take you at 2:00 pm. I don’t have personal experience with Pirates League, but I know we waited about 45 minutes past our appointment time at Bibbity Bobbity Boutique. That would be my concern.

I think you are cutting it close. If I recall correctly, our Pirate’s League appointment took longer than 30 minutes. You might be able to find something along Frontierland, near Pecos Bills, if you are just getting out before the parade.

Do you think I would have time to make it to the parade on a separate day, where I have a late breakfast at The Crystal Palace at 10:30? And the parade on this day is at 12 & 3… do you think I’d make it to the 12:00 parade?

That might be more feasible.

  1. I usually give 90 minutes for a character meal, but you can probably eat quicker or skip a character.
  2. since the parade starts in Frontierland at noon, you might be able to hustle to a spot in Liberty Square before the parade reaches that point. Main Street will be PACKED.

Or you can do the 3pm parade on that day instead of the noon. Then you’d have all the time in the world to get a nice spot near frontierland, maybe even in the shade on the river side.

I really wanted to go back to the hotel for a rest on that day (as MK opens at 8am & we will be at RD) from 1-4… considering that’s our fireworks night! I really need to think about this & what’s the best option… I feel like we cannot miss the parade as first timers!

The parade is amazing, do not miss it! I believe my FP for the 3:00 parade was from 2:35-3:05? I know people that showed up last minute easily got a front row seat in April. CP used to be my traditional “last meal” in the world. I do not think they ever took me in on time. Is it better these days?

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I ended up switching around my meals, so I could make the noon parade and do the afternoon break. So I think it worked out well!


I heard that CP is always late… That’s not very encouraging. I hate feeling rushed & If they get you in late, you know they will rush you out!

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I have never felt rushed out, but I always expect to wait at least 15 minutes to get in.