Travel question: car or disney transport for this schedule?

I have a friend staying with 5 kids at POR.
They’re planning to hit HS early for Jedi training signup and stay until around 1:45 pm, then returning to hotel for a rest for 2-3 hours before heading to Animal Kingdom for 5:30. Will then go directly from Animal Kingdom to Hollywood Studios at 8:45 or so to catch the Star Wars fireworks.
Should they drive the minivan or take Disney transport?
Help me, Hive Mind! :slight_smile:

Drive! It is so easy and quick. Disney transportation will take a lot of extra time when they are bouncing around to so many places. It gives me hives just thinking about taking 5 kids on a Disney bus once or twice, let alone 5 times in 1 day.

Hey Wahoo!
What time would you leave POR for a 5:30 Tusker House reservation?

Hey! I would leave by 4:15, that should give plenty of time to drive to AK, ride the parking lot tram and make their way to TH by 5:15 to checkin.

Great, thanks!
Eeek, close for them… they have a TSMM FPP for 1:35 and want a hotel break…

I think they have a bit much planned to get a decent break. You really need 4 hours of time to get a 2 hour break it seems.