Travel/Parking question at MK/Contemporary

On our Magic Kingdom day we have an ADR at 8:15 at Chef Mickey. I am guessing we will need to be there by 8:00. We will driving our own vehicle.
Can I ride the monorail from the TTC at MK parking to Contemporary? Or do I walk?
Or would you park at Contemporary for ADR then drive over to MK parking? I’ve seen that you can not leave your car at the Contemporary for the day while visiting MK.
How early does the monorail operate?

Thank you!

I would make the dining reservation the priority. Park at the Contemporary, have breakfast, then go back to the TTC.

Doing it the other way could add an hour to your trip and when you’re trying to be somewhere on time, you don’t want to throw any extra obstacles in your way.

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I would agree with parking at the Contemporary. At TTC, you still need to stop at the Polynesian, Grand Floridian and Magic Kingdom before you get to the Contemporary which can take a bit. At that time of the morning, every minute counts. The monorail started running at 7am last week when we were there.

I would park at the Contemporary. Unless there is a major event going on there, you’ll be able to leave your car there while you go to Magic Kingdom.

NOTE: There are folks who sometimes suggest you should not do this, but you won’t be stealing a parking spot from anyone. The hotel lots are empty most of the day, when hotel guests drive off to other parks, so you won’t even be inconveniencing hotel guests by leaving your car at the Contemporary.

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I tend to agree. When we stayed at Bay Lake, that lot was basically empty everyday. Is there anything on the car that would denote that it belongs to a hotel guest? That’s my only concern.
I’ve never had a car onsite so I’m clueless.

I would drive to the comtemporary.

When i had an ohana breakfast i asked at the front desk if i could leave my car and go to the mk after i explained i was there fir breakfast. They told me i could leave my car. I had no issues leaving it.

If you feel weird ask like i did.

[quote=“disney1974, post:5, topic:35799”]
Is there anything on the car that would denote that it belongs to a hotel guest?[/quote]
Disney used to print a piece of paper to put inside your car windshield to indicate you were a Disney resort guest. They’ll still do that if you ask (it gets you through the parking tollbooths with just a wave, rather than a scan of your MB), but don’t print those for everyone. So, no, there’s nothing on a resort guest’s car that someone could differentiate it from a dining guest’s car.

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