Travel insurance when renting DVC points

DH and I plan to rent DVC points for our anniversary trip in September. Since it’s hurricane season we definitely want to get trip insurance.

  1. Is it possible to purchase travel insurance when renting DVC points through someone (not a broker)?

  2. Can anyone suggest a company to go through?

  1. Yes.

  2. No but the brokerage firm should have some names for you.

  3. Duh I’m a dummy. I didn’t see it will be private transaction.

Perhaps inquire with a brokerage firm as if to rent in order to see who they recommend?

Also there is a company out there I hear about on the My DVC Points podcast. Maybe @PrincipalTinker will know who I mean??

Try I have heard them mentioned more than once and you just need to list out the “costs” that you want reimbursed and they will give you a quote from multiple agencies. I just looked into this for my cruise. You can choose different levels of insurance or “any reason” etc.