Travel Insurance that is refunding?

I am in too early of a planning stage to be effected. But, I am paying attention to the companies that are handling this well. For example, I got emails from both Marriott and Hilton saying basically that nonrefundable rates are now refundable.

What about the travel insurance companies? Are there any that are covering this? ‘They’ say that none of them cover pandemics. That seems like precisely something I would have wanted to be covered.

I realize that my family just got lucky. We stayed in an airBnB condo for Universal about a month ago before any of this started. We would have been SOL.

Travel insurance policies are carefully modeled as far as rates vs risks. Never say never, I guess, but since it’s their whole business model, i can’t imagine they’d really be able to be generous and cover it if it’s not in the policy.

The travel industry itself needs to build brand goodwill to survive this.

I never buy travel insurance. The terms are usually so restrictive and specific that it’s very hard to collect.


Here in Mexico airline Volaris has refused stubbornly to waive any fee whatsoever. They’re the only ones!
My sentiment is to never ever fly with them again.
The general sentiment is to torch the place down for lack of basic humanity.
My guess is they’ll never recover from this. How can they not notice the hate they’re bringing down upon themselves?


That describes how I’ve felt about AA since before 9/11. But 90% of my flights are still with them since many destinations, I don’t have a choice. Hopefully you have a choice.

Watching from the sidelines, the thing that gets me is that Disney is such an expensive vacation that some families don’t go on one for a year or two in order to afford Disney. And then that money went poof.

I know!! So sad!!
But I think Disney as a company has handled it well. They’ve made me proud.


Are Disney resorts doing refunds? Last I read, and this was before Disney Springs closed down, that the resorts were staying open and Disney Springs and this and that were still open. I thought that implied that they weren’t doing refunds.

Yes, they are doing refunds. On Disney’s web page of travel information:

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That is good to know about Disney. They are going on my “Good” list.

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