Travel Insurance Recommendations

Who have you used for travel insurance?
My trip is kind of scattered because I bought my package through Disney, then added 2 nights additional, then ordered flights. Is this going to be an issue?

I would recommend Disney’s travel insurance especially if you bought the Magic Your Way Package.

Thanks! Why would you recommend it over a different carrier? Do you think I’d need 2 policies since i have 2 disney reservations?

We purchased through Disney since we are traveling late August and have a package. With 5 kids, I feel like we also multiply the risk that something could go wrong - not just a hurricane in the gulf. It was $77 per adult and $5 a kid. Could I have done more research and picked something else? Absolutely. But this price seemed reasonable to me and so we paid it. And I’m happy to have peace of mind.

Also adult means 18+

My trip is end of Sept and that is exactly why I want it as well.

The thing is your trip costs you a lot of money even before you get there. Disney’s insurance covers the trip as well as the airlines reservation. Now if you book at least 6 months before your trip like I do, anything can take place to keep you from going in that period of time. To us the cost of insurance is minimual compared to the piece of mind. This of coarse is if you book via Disney and get a package. If you book elsewhere such as MVT, they will refund your Disney vacation up to 5 days in advance even for a room only. We then buy airline insurance for the same reason as we are not booking via Disney and I believe you have to have a package to get their insurance.