Travel Insurance and Renting DVC Points

Obviously renting DVC points is a financial risk if anything happens that could cause you to have to cancel your trip.

Would travel insurance cover point rental expenses if you had to cancel due to medical emergencies, death in the family, etc?

Any seasoned travel insurance vets here?

I just rented points for April from dvc rental store. They offer an insurance of sorts, that allows you to cancel for any reason, although depending on when you cancel would determine how much money you get back. I decided it was worth it, and the cost was reasonable. I am not planning on cancelling, but you just never know and I am used to the 5 day cancellation policy on room only reservations. I don’t know how to go about it if booked elsewhere though.

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I was thinking of using them for the same exact reason, but since it is a bit of a limited refund was wondering if anyone had used a travel insurance company.

I may just call up AIG and see what they say but would love to know if anyone has firsthand experience.

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I have rented DVC points for my trip later this month, and bought a travelguard policy. The points I bought are non-refundable, and the company that I bought them from specifically recommended buying travel insurance because of the difficulty/uncertainty with rescheduling a reservation that was made using DVC points.

That being said, I didn’t actually call the travel insurance company to find out. But I did read the fine print and believe that my point rental would count.


Check with your credit card companies… I know AMEX offers travel insurance. If you have AAA I believe they offer it as well, though not sure if you have to book with AAA to use it.

When you bought the policy, how did you pick your coverage amount and what documentation did the insurer require?

I just picked my coverage by reading the policies what was/wasn’t covered. I did a bit of price comparison also. And they didn’t need any documentation up front, I don’t believe (it’s been several months since I bought it). I’m sure they will need to see receipts if I I request a payout, though.

But I did have to say how much money I paid, who was travelling with me, etc. Make sure everyone in your family is listed on the policy. And based on what you choose, you probably only need to make sure you only list non-refundable expenses, because the higher you say the cost of your trip is, the more you will pay.

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I did get travel insurance for my last trip, and I did contact the insurance company, but I rented DVC points, and used frequent flier miles for airfare. And was told as long as I had a receipt for the hotel, it would be covered.