Travel from MK to 1900 Park Fare

We will be in MK and have a 6:30 dinner reservation at 1900 Park Fare. Any suggestions on how much travel time to allow? Realistic to get back in time for MSEP at 9:00pm? (date is Sept 5 if that matters)

I would allot 30 minutes minimum from the gate to get there. You might get lucky and the monorail will come right away and be quick, but it can take a bit of time sometimes. As for getting to Epcot for 9, that will depend largely on how quickly you eat. If you are done in an hour, then you can almost certainly do it. If you are more leisurely, then you’ll be cutting it close. I have had really quick and really slow monorail experiences.

It’s the 4th stop on the monorail. I always tell people to give themselves 45 minutes to travel (you’ll wait for the mono and then make all the stops). Return to MK is quicker. It’s the next stop on the monorail.

ETA to go back to my original thought about MK. :smile:

Sorry, I used to wrong abbrevaition: I meant Electrical Parade at 9:00, not EPCOT! (I edited my OP)

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Oops! My bad. In that case, I think that you’ll have plenty of time for a leisurely dinner and then the “MSEP” :smile_cat:

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Is the boat faster to get to GF?

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it could be. It stops at POLY first IIRC.

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I didn’t even think about taking the boat. DD4 would love that!

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That little boat is so fun. Things like that make a big place like WDW feel intimate. It was a goal of ours to ride all modes of transportation in the World. This was one of the last ones to check off and we did it!