Travel from hotel to Downtown Disney

I have an appointment for my daughter to go to Bipity Bopity Boutique on June 1 and I’m wondering, how do I get us from the Grand Floridian to Downtown Disney? Can I use Uber? Or are there taxis waiting at the hotel? I want to go as directly as possible, are the Disney provided buses efficient and fast?

I would take the bus yes, the buses to DTD are efficient and fast.

After this last weekend I’m a big fan of the cabs. Most of our rides were around $15 including tips and it’s so much easier and convenient. And yes there are usually some waiting at the entrance and if there isn’t they’ll call and one will be there within a couple of minutes. You can use uber but you’ll have to wait for them to get to you.

We went to DTD from the Poly (which shares that route with the Grand-Flo), and we waited a long, long time.

Plus the DTD buses share with Typhoon Lagoon so it’s an even longer trip.

When I took the bus from AKL last month it was great, but I did take it when TL was closed, so no stop there!

If you want “easy” take a cab. I’ve never used Uber anywhere, so I can’t comment on that option. The busses are dependable (and free), but it will definately take longer than a cab. DON’T drive yourself; the traffic/parking is terrible at DTD right now…