Travel from Epcot to MK and Back

DH decided he wants to eat at Monsieur Paul instead of Citricos on our MK day. We are planning to leave MK after lunch and go back to our resort to rest, but leave DD16 at MK. My idea was originally to drive to Citricos, then I would take the monorail to MK and meet DD16 and then ride back on the monorail to Citricos to meet DH. Now that we have changed to MP, I’m not sure what the best way to meet DD at MK to get her to Epcot. She isn’t comfortable traveling by herself by bus or monorail, which is why I’m meeting her.

So, which would be faster?

  1. Drive to TTC and go to MK via monorail or boat to pick her up and then back to TTC and drive to Epcot
  2. Take bus to Contemporary from epcot, and walk over to MK then back to Contemporary and bus to Epcot
  3. Monorail from Epcot to MK and back?
  4. Bus from Epcot to MK and back?

Actually, I would consider taking the bus to MK, meet DD, take the bus to BC or BW and walk in the EP IG, which is right next to France. Any other option would leave you at the front gate of EP, which would involve walking the full length of FW and 1/3 of the way around WS to get to France.


That’s a great idea! Thanks!

Just to point out there’s no bus from Epcot to Contemporary, unless the monorail is down.

I agree with @bswan26. Much quicker.

I would have DH drive you to Contemporary and drop you off then walk to MK to get DD. Then either walk back to Contemporary and drive to Epcot or meet DH at Epcot.