Travel dates

Hello! I am back after a few crazy years and it seems that everything has changed. I will need so much help from you! First one: travel dates. We are planing to stay in Orlando down two weeks in January. One week for Disney and one for other parks/attractions.

  1. would you go from 1/1 to 15/1 (marathon) or 8/1 to 22/1 (MLK)?
  2. would you do WDW in the first or second week?

Welcome back! I have no January advice, I just wanted to say hi.

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Welcome back! I think the second week of the MLK option. I have heard reports of US schools extending break, that would impact crowds.

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Hello! It is great to be back!! Thanks!

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Yes, I think we will do that. Anyway it will be less crowded than we are used to. We always go Christmas and NYE weeks

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I would also choose the second option. I heard Len say on one of his recent podcast that the beginning of January is going to be busier than expected.

Enjoy planning your trip!