Travel between MK and Epcot

We will be hopping between parks and hoping to be at the American Pavilion at 6:45. Two questions…

  1. What time would you leave MK? Specifically, what time would you be walking out of Frontierland, where we will be, towards the MK entrance.

  2. Would you use the monorail or the Friendship Boats?

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I don’t think you can take a boat to EP from MK

Monorail. The Friendship boats just travel within Epcot itself.

As for timing, check out the OLP Transportation Wizard

Do you want to walk through all of Epcot, or just get to World Showcase? I would bus to Beach Club, walk through the lobby, take a left and walk to International Gateway.

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I must have misread some information, I thought boat was one of the travel options. We have never had park hoppers before, so this is new territory for me!!

I just want to get to American Pavilion, so I like the idea of taking the bus to Beach Club.

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Second question, then, what time would you start leaving Frontierland to get to American Pavilion at 6:45?

I always give myself extra time so I would say 5:00-5:15. You may get there before 6, but it gives you time to look around as you enter world showcase. You need to walk to bus (15 minutes), take bus (30), walk to International Gateway and get through bag check and entrance (20-25), walk to America (10-15)?

Hmmmm, that’s way earlier than I was thinking. I don’t really need/want to look around at this point, more of a determined Point A to Point B sort of thing. I was hoping 5:45 would be early enough, so an hour.

I guess I should say 5:15 to be safe. Better to be there early than late!!

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I think @PrincipalTinker’s time estimate is spot on. If 6:45 was an “approximate” time that I wanted to be at America, 60 min might be OK (depends on how fast you walk and how long you have to wait for a bus), but if I was going for an ADR, I’d give myself closer to 90 min…

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