Trattoria al Forno Liner Reviews?

I’ve read several blog and fansite reviews of the “new” Trattoria (where Kouzzina used to be), but haven’t seen any Liner reviews. Considering it for a post-DHS dinner and wondering if it’s a good idea or not…

I’ve done breakfast, and it was okay–nothing exceptional, but not bad. I can’t speak to dinner, though.

I want to say @marciemiwi went there…I’m pretty sure she did

Sorry, it wasn’t me. :disappointed: Probably someone else from the gaggle of folks last May!

We went in March for dinner. The cured meats appetizer was really good. My husband had the lamb shank and thought it was great. My daughter had chicken parmigiana and it was horrible… My meal was just alright.

Have done breakfast and dinner. Food was ok. Service was not great at breakfast and HORRIBLE at dinner. To the point that we almost didn’t use TIW because we wanted to tip less than 18%…


hmm… does not sound so good…

These posts are 5 years old. The new character breakfast there is great. We loved it last March and are going back this year. You may find more current info on breakfast by searching “Bon Voyage.”

No info or advice on dinner personally, we haven’t been for dinner


Agree, the character breakfast is great, food is also very good.