Trattoria al Forno Dinner?

Has anyone done dinner at Trattoria al Forno? I’ve seen lots of comments about the breakfast but nothing about dinner. We are considering it for our HS day. We’ve never been to Boardwalk and we all like Italian food. Thought the menu looked interesting. Any thoughts?

I have not been there, but Katie - who writes - loves it.


Just wanted to make sure you know the characters are only at breakfast which is why it’s so talked about.

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Yes, I did know about the characters. We aren’t looking for a character meal. Thanks.

My husband and I LOVE this restaurant and love spending the evening on the Boardwalk. Great service…great food…great atmosphere. We would go here every trip if the scheduled allowed.

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Thanks. Any favourites on the menu?

Chicken parm was GREAT as was the pizza. We haven’t had anything that wasn’t wonderful.

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We ate there our last trip and enjoyed it, we will definitely go back. Pizza and pasta for us, but we only tried a few things so no favorites yet.

Great to hear the positive reviews! We too are going here for the first time this August. And for dinner. With the kids we are calling it our “pizza night.” Though I’m sure the adults will get pasta, maybe the kids too. Looking forward to it, after what’s sure to be a long day at DHS.

Another question for those who got pizza and pasta. Is there any problem with timing if you get both? I know at Via Napoli they use two different kitchens and you can’t generally order both pizza and pasta and get them at the same time.