Trattoria Al Forno - Dinner

Trip Advisor gives this restaurant a 4 out of 5 stars. I’ve had breakfast there. How is the dinner? I don’t expect signature dining meal for this price point, but I do expect it to be reasonably good (i.e., not terrible)… what do the liners say?

I can’t speak to dinner there, but just a few steps away at Swan/Dolphin you’ll have a FANTASTIC meal at Il Mulino.

Just don’t get a half portion - it only shaves a couple of dollars off the cost of the full portion.

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Wow. Ok. Thanks for the info. I’m trying to keep our food budget under control on this visit. (HA!)

There is a discrepancy between Disney Website and Which is correct?

That pricing seems right. I think I paid $21 for my half portion of Rigatoni Con Funghi :roll_eyes:

The Disney page doesn’t give pricing, just a range of what one could expect to spend per person. I would say $35 makes sense if you consider that my entree was $21, I had a beverage, and I might even have had the Caesar salad?

Usually the menus have pricing on the Disney webiste. Except for the buffets and the character dining experiences. It appears that the Disney menu is even wrong. It looks like a prix fixe option of 2 entrees for adults and 2 for children.

Next question - approximately how long would the walk be from Beach Club?

I honestly don’t know but they are nearby to one another. Maybe @PrincipalTinker knows since she liked my above comment?

Google Maps to the rescue! It says 10 min walk.

I would say 10 minutes at most. Walking is much faster than the boat.


I do pre-marathon Dinner at Trattoria al Forno nearly every time I run the full in January. I love TaF. This last year I had a group of 5 there (3 runners, 2 spectators) and the meal was universally liked at our table.

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