Trash on Universal Blvd

We were at Universal last weekend. We walked to the parks from the DoubleTree. Every trash can was filled on the sidewalks. Someone left a glass mug on the sidewalk from the Chocolate Emporium and it stayed there for hours. On Friday night and Saturday trash was all over Universal Blvd. This was not what I expected. I guess I’m used to Disney.

The first time we went to Universal we arrived an hour before park opening. While we waited to be let in my kids had to use the washroom outside the entrance to IOA. This was at about 8:15 in the morning. They were a disaster zone! Toilet paper all over the floor and generally just gross. I came out with the kids and said that I would never expect to see that at WDW.

Now I have never seen anything nearly that bad on any of our subsequent trips to Universal but I definitely have higher expectations for Disney in that regard.

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Yes, most of the men’s washrooms were a disaster.

That’s too bad. As I mentioned I have found Universal’s cleaning standards to be much better on our more recent trips. Disappointing to hear that is not always the case.

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Hmm. Wow. This was not our experience last February (2018) when we were there for 4 days. Everything seemed quite clean.

We’ve never experienced rubbish lying around or dirty restrooms in all our trips, I wouldn’t expect to see it either.

Oh - I saw this at WDW in 2016.
Outside AK prior to open and Tom Sawyer Island to name the two I took photos of.
(I took a photos of both because it was a hot topic at the time on DIS and GoingToWDW.)

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Unfortunately I think it is likely that all public washrooms are in that state occasionally. It is actually fairly impressive how seldom I have seen it at both WDW and UOR.

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This is not a WDW vs UOR issue.

I think the toilets at UOR smell fantastic. I’ve never felt dissatisfied by their cleanliness.

The men’s room next to the City Hall at MK were once so appalling I went straight to GS and reported them.


I agree with this. They have such a distinctive (and pleasant) smell. On our last trip I went into the bathroom right after we arrived at the park, and my first breath of air made me totally smile. You’ve heard of the phrase “A song remembers when…” For me it’s smells…they trigger so much for me.

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Wow! I’m surprised this happened to you. Like most of the other people in this thread, I have always found Universal to be very clean and I’ve never had an issue with cleanliness there.

And I have to laugh that even this manages to become a Disney vs. Universal issue. What’s next? Disney uses better quality toilet paper than Universal? :laughing: