Transporting an automobile

Hiho, Liners. This is an unusual question for Lines/TP. But I know there could be someone out there to guide me in the right direction.

I have a dear friend who is ill, can’t drive himself back to Cape Cod. I’ve heard there are train and possibly truck carriers for folks who don’t like to drive back from FL. In this scenario, he really doesn’t have a choice right now.

Oh wise ones, you may know the least costly way to do such a thing. TIA.

There are companies that transport cars. I would suggest a truck transport, but unfortunately I don’t have a specific company to recommend.

Yes, I would start with a phone call to Mears or Uber. They probably don’t do trips out of the local area, but it wouldn’t hurt to ask. They might have a suggestion for a longer distance car service.

I’ve seen ads in the newspaper for people who are willing to drive cars up north because they need to get there and are looking for some money.

Otherwise, probably a truck rental service would be helpful

My only concern with that would be a) what happens if there is an accident and b) what happens if the car never shows up? Personally I would stick with an established company - but then I can be over cautious. :wink:

Thanks, all. I googled, am waiting for quotes. Have a feeling will be around 500. one way. I’d fly down, drive him myself but allergic to his dog. So he, dog will fly back, ship auto.

Hopefully, his niece will join in and drive him back instead. What can you do. stuff happens.

There was a vehicle shipping company based out of Bourne (owner grew up in Bourne) that did trips to Fl & back. Not sure of the name or if they are still in business but they had fully enclosed tractor trailers. Hope everything works out.

The Auto Train will get him as far as Lorton, VA, from Sanford. That’s just south of DC.

If all else fails, maybe he could take the autotrain from Sanford to Lorton Virginia,. Perhaps a friend or relative could take a train to meet him there and drive him home.


Great minds think alike

wow, thanks everyone so much. had an interesting day working on this project w my dear friend.

Looked as if truck transport - which I googled, got approx price 400. NC to Cape Cod, was only needed as back up plan B.

thank goodness for plan Bs. the neice idea was getting nuttier by the minute, til it landed up with neice, neice’s difficult adult daughter, doggy and friend in small car driving all that way. whew. then neice, daughter needing plane fare back, 2 nites nice hotel cape cod. whew again.

Looks like time for plan B for sure.

Thanks for the update. What company did you come up with?Do you have contact info, in case someone else needs it?

I’m glad it all seems to be working out.

It’s called Mercury Transport. I liked the guys response, attitude, price. still, I should double check to be sure good company, find some reviews on them. good to be careful.

I will put further info on this post, in case can be useful to other liners. this is one of those services you think you wont ever need til you need it I guess.

It’s not only a luxury kind of thing, but as in this case can be needed b/c of an emergency.