We are flying into MCO on May 4, 2016 and will be going to Cabana Bay until May 7th when we will head to the Polynesian at WDW. There will be 2 adults, a 6 and 8 year old. Each will have a large suitcase plus a couple of carry on bags for the family. What would be the quickest yet economical way to get from the airport to Cabana Bay then from Cabana Bay to Polynesian?

We are doing something similar - doing Portafino then the Swan. I assume Cabana can aie as well. However we are taking a town car from MCO to Portafino and then from Portafino to the Swan and then Uber back to MCO.

The concierge can set it up. From MCO to Universal is $90 and $40 over to swan. When I called - Portofino noted that they do not allow UBER on property - but not sure how it is enforced. I did a lot of research and this was the best combo of convenience, price etc. for me. I am sure you can get it cheaper - but I feel like this will be good for us.

I noticed some sort of a “package” type of deal on the Meade transportation site w/ a town car. It looked like it was you could set up to use them for the transportation from MCO to Cabana Bay then from Cabana Bay to Polynesian and it be a set rate but its been a while since I looked into this so don’t quote me on that. If I remember right it was for the opposite route though starting at Disney heading to Universal. Just wondering if this is what company you used? If you go before me I would love to know how it works out for you. Thanks!

So actually I don’t know what company I’m using - I actually booking through Portafino Concierge and they are taking care of it. I am using it to go from MCO to Portafino and then Portafino to Swan. I’ll then probably UBER back to MCO.
So the cool thing is you can use some Concierge services even if you aren’t staying Concierge (as we are not staying concierge). I figured they have the best relationship and if something goes wrong - I have someone to yell at - HA. But I think it will work our well

Good to know and sounds smart to me! Have fun on your trip and thanks for your reply!

Does anyone know how much an Uber is from Cabana Bay to the Polynesian or are they allowed to even pick up on resort property?

I was told that UBER wasn’t allowed to pick up at Portafino - would assume Cabana Bay is the same way - but you may want to check with the hotel itself. I am sure CB can arrange something for you. I think I did check on UBER (you can do a GET ESTIMATE and put in your various addresses) and it was $40 for me