Transportation to WDW from outside the parks

wdw here we come!!! wwooohhhooo! im blessed to get to tag along on hubbys business trip to the conference center and can solo tour for 5 days and two with him. I have done all the research my now older eyes can tolerate and have my fast passes (even got “frozen”) but coming from outside the park, I never could touch flight of passage so I have three days to try for it at rope drop. ****Q. the Rozen Plaza next to the convention center where he is staying offers a shuttle through Florida Dolphin tours that picks up at 7:45 am. On our last three nights we will be at the buena Vista Suites who offer a shuttle at 8:05.
These all take us to the transportation hub. Do these work or should i learn how to use lyft? I know the secret is early early early. On the other hand, I am solo so that is a slight advantage for some rides that I didnt bother fast passing. PS.Our last two days in the park are unfortunately mar. 10 and 11th. the start of spring break and he only wants to go to magic kingdom. Wish we could have gone at the beginning of the trip.

Those times won’t be early enough to get you there for rope drop.

MK opens at 8am for everyone on a 9am opening, and you’ll still have to use Disney transport to get to the other parks.

From TTC, you can get the ferry or monorail to MK and the monorail to Epcot. For DHS and AK you would need to go across to the MK and then to the bus stops for buses for AK and DHS. Actually, I’m not sure what time the buses start running to the other parks, so you might need to walk from MK to the Contemporary to get buses.

I would learn how to use Lyft or Uber!

As @Nickysyme says, I would learn how to use Lyft or uber

If you’re trying to get FoP by doing rope drop, you will definitely need to use Lyft or Uber (or a taxi). There is exactly 0 chance you’ll make it to AK before opening if you rely on the hotel shuttle. I happen to be partial to Lyft, but it’s your $.