Transportation to the IG?

I am trying to figure out a good way to get from POP to the IG via Disney transportation. Looks like I need to bus to DTD or a park, then bus to Boardwalk Inn, then boat?

It’s not a question of time, this is not a power-touring trip. It’s a matter of saving scooter battery and Hoodlum feet. Our TP starts in France, and I just feel like starting the day at IG is better for that plan. Unless it just really cannot be done. In which case I’ll just pray for strength, and use Friendship boats!


Bus to DHS, then boat to IG

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I agree with stuckinbmode. Bus to DHS, then take boat from DHS to IG. The boat will stop at Dolphin/Swan, Boardwalk, and Beach/yacht club before Arriving at IG. Trip takes roughly 25 minutes. You could also walk from DHS to IG in about 20 minutes.