Transportation to Sea World from AoA

Hi all! I would like some info on transportation from AoA to SW. Ido not want to rent a car. Does anyone have experience with this? Cost? Do I need to book in advance or can Concierge do it at resort? Going in September!

One time I decided to take a cab to and from Sea World, I think it was about $45 each way. It was a few years ago. Considering the rates of rental cars you might be better off renting. I know you don’t want to, but it cost us more not having a rental. At least that was my experience.

You can catch a public bus at TTA. Did this last Dec. it’s about a 30-40 minute bus ride and drops you off right in front is Sea World. It costs $2/person each way. Small children are free. I believe it is bus #50 at TTA, but you would need to confirm that.