Transportation to 'Ohana

We are heading to Disney on July 3, with our park hopper passes starting on the following day. I am interested in booking at 'Ohana, and it appears that there are openings for breakfast and dinner, but I don’t have the slightest clue as to how to get there. We are staying onsite at Coronado Springs, and since we are flying to Disney, our means of transportation while there will be by Disney bus. Any information on this topic would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Starting from Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort:

Car directly to Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort
Estimated Time: 11 minutes

Bus to Magic Kingdom® Park
Transfer to Monorail to Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort
Estimated Time: 42 minutes

Bus to Disney Hollywood Studios
Transfer to Bus to Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort
Estimated Time: 44 minutes

Love this tool!

The choices are limited when trying to get from certain resorts to others.

I’d recommend Uber. As @AuntB_luvsDisney notes, a car ride will get you from door to door in less than 15 minutes. You’ll probably need to add about 10 minutes for the Uber to pick you up at CSR.

The other options are too tedious and the monorail could suffer some unforeseen issue.

I’d also either recommend either Uber, or a taxi. Its worth the cost not to have to plan an hour (or more) into your schedule waiting around on buses, not to mention the anxiety it gives you worrying that you will be late to a reservation because you are at the mercy of the buses/monorails.

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Since you don’t already have reservations, maybe think about trying to plan around a day you’ll be at MK. It’s pretty easy to get between the Polynesian and MK. If you plan a mid-dayish meal or dinner at Ohana , you can just go to the Poly from the park and then back again pretty easily on the monorail. As a side note, my family usually doesn’t mind using the bus service - it takes a little longer than driving, but the actual time saved, I have found, isn’t THAT much when you factor in parking and walking/tramming/whatever from your parking spot. We like the down time to talk about what we are going to do or what we loved about the experiences we had that day. And we REALLY love not having to worry about navigating and parking, etc. The only time we take non-Disney transpo (like a taxi) is in the morning, if we have an early reservation. The 20 minutes extra sleep just means more to us then.

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