Transportation To GF from POR

We are staying at POR and have a dining res at 1900 PF for dinner at 530 on our arrival day. Should we just plan on driving to the GF or could we take a bus to MK and ride the monorail to GF? Open to other suggestions for transportation to and from GF. Thanks

Driving is the quickest easiest transportation. If you want to take Disney transportation you can go to MK and either take the monorail or boat. I would plan at least 90 minutes for that.

If you are looking to clear the Monorail off of your must do list, that’s a great option for getting to GF! You might also consider taking the water taxi offered from MK to GF and maybe Monorail back? Either way, you should be fine!!


I’m not sure that the monorail is a must do but if we have time (90min or so per info in reply above) it would be preferable bc to me somehow feels more magical to avoid getting back in your own vehicle once you’ve arrived and it onsite. If we don’t have time and don’t want to feel rushed we can always drive. Thanks for the info

From a time perspective, it’s most efficient to boat from MK to GF and monorail from GF to MK. The boat stops at GF first then Poly, while the monorail loops Contemporary-TTC-Poly-GF. Now if the goal is the monorail ride, the longer loop may be preferred of course…

If you want to drink, and to get to from there quickly, consider Uber or Lyft. Here’s some info to help with that: