Transportation to/from Port Canaveral

So I’m trying to figure out our best options for transport. We’re staying at POR before the cruise (room only, no parks) and trying to figure out the best options. 1)rent a car…but we love ME, and then is there a car rental place there at port, so we wouldn’t have to pay parking? Seems silly to me.
2) DCL bus from POR to port, but we wouldn’t arrive until later in the afternoon
3) private transport…but they all seem to be from the airport and not from the resorts.
Also, on our return trip, we’re staying the night before returning home. Can I use a dummy flight number so we can take DCL back to MCO and then go to the hotel?

Any suggestions??

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On your way back, are you asking if you can take a port transfer to MCO to take DME to a WDW hotel? If so, you can get a port transfer from the cruise terminal directly to the WDW hotel…

We are going at the end of the month and renting a car. We will pick up at MCO, stay on WDW property, and return the car at Port Canaveral, then rent again after the cruise.

So you are going from WDW to Port Canaveral and then Port Canaveral to MCO. You are staying a night an MCO and then flying out the next day - is that right?

We have taken both Disney transport and car rental. I believe there is now a few car rental places right at the port. From my perspective - if you don’t mind driving - the car was MUCH less expensive. Try Uber as well - but be sure that they can get onto property etc

We are going near to there at Comfort Inn and it said about 25 dollars extra for car there and the take people to the boat. We are doing an event there.

How many people are you transporting?

2 => use Magical Express $35 x 2 x both ways = $140 (maybe $5 tips if they handle your big bags)

3+ => Limo one way, possibly.

Or if you will need/use a rental car at WDW before/after,
Do the rental car thing and drop-off and/or pickup at Cocoa or, now Port Canaveral.
This can be coordinated if one party takes the luggage and the other drops off or gets the rental car (my wife and I had this down to a science, and cell phones are helpful).
Rental cars are a lot more expensive now than they were 10 years ago, but saving $35 per person on Magical Express can go a long way.