Transportation to/from parks if staying @ Wyndham Bonnet Creek

I have seen a couple of threads addressing this issue but looking for any more info that is available.
I am aware there is a shuttle service that is offered from the WBC resort but reviews aren’t on par with Disney transportation so I would rather drive than use the shuttle service if I stay at WBC. Looking for a reason to stay here but the transportation to and from parks is a deal breaker.
I’ve always stayed on Disney property (GF) and want to know more about Lyft/Uber or other transportation options. I will be traveling with children, so car seats and room for stroller are necessities. Minnie Vans would be awesome but they are not offered to off property locations.
Any insight is appreciated. :slight_smile:

Only certain 'level’s of Uber/lyft have car seats and I believe that they only have one, They are more expensive - and also be aware of ‘surge’ pricing, it can get very expensive if you leave around park closing. I wouldn’t consider it viable to use it as your only form of transportation.

Have you looked into renting a car? We love having a rental car with kids. They can be comfortable in their own car seat (and easily fall asleep in the car!) and then our stroller just lived in the trunk of the car for the entire trip. Parking lots are quite close for 3/4 parks and we love the mono/ferry and don’t feel that it adds that much time. Lastly, you can take advantage of more non-park restaurants or shows, etc, with your own transport!

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