Transportation to Disney Springs

Have read some conflicting (and/or possibly out of date) info on how late Disney now runs buses from the Poly to Disney Springs. Are there buses after 4 p.m.? Or will we need to get a bus from the TTC? How much time should we allot for travel between Poly and Disney Springs for a Morimoto Asia reservation?

Are there buses from Disney springs to the parks (specifically Disney Spring to HS)? Or would we need to take a bus to Epcot or skyliner hotel?

We’ll be at WDW in mid January if that makes any difference.

Thanks for your help.

Thanks for your help.

Never busses from Disney Springs to the parks.

I’m not sure why they would stop from the Poly at 4pm - especially with them being so strict about only allowing parking there for guests and those with ADRs.

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There used to be buses from the parks to Disney Springs after 4pm. Those buses are not running right now. All resorts have buses to Disney Springs and those buses run from open to past closing.

From Disney Springs you always have to go to a resort.

Anyone got a good estimate how long it takes for a bus from DS to get to CR?
And then walk to MK?

@GreyingMouser - I’d allow 45 min. total from the time you get to the DS bus stop. (including wait time for bus.)

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I have never had any luck with DS buses. You will be able to get onto any monorail resort (if they are not sharing) bus, but I would plan at least an hour and know with my luck it could be 90 minutes. I hate those buses.

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Agreed. Don’t know what it is but DS buses are the worst