Transportation to breakfasts and then to parks

So whenever it is finally safe to travel we will try to make it to Disney. As a planner I am trying to plan transportation:

From Pop Century to an early Cape May breakfast what transportation is best if we want to go to Epcot after? Do we take our car or hotel bus? Is parking with the car free at cape may?

From Pop century to an early Ohana breakfast followed by trip to water parks what are your suggestions?

From Pop to 1900 Fare and then to Magic Kingdom?

Finally Pop to Trattoria al forno to Magic kingdom

Should I change the parks following the restaurants? Are these restaurants worth it?

It is too time consuming and out of the way?

If you have a car just use the car. You’ll be allowed to park at the resort you’re dining at because of your ADR. Anything else is crazy-making

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I would do Studios or Epcot the day of Trattoria. You’re right there at those two.

Also note that Trattoria is the only one open at this point. The others do not even have estimated opening times.

As much as I love Disney, I am a huge fan of using my car for transportation… and since you can park at the hotel and leave your car there… bonus points all around.

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The breakfast thing is especially hard, IMO

Other meals, I don’t mind so much using Disney transport.

But breakfast is a real puzzle - which park is nearby, is the park open, can I easily get to the resort from the park bus depot, how much more time will I need?

So much crazy.

We are renting a car in June because of the continued Covid situation (and we may as well get used to it since DME is going away). I’m not sure how much we will use it while there, but it will be nice not to have to figure out some of these more challenging puzzles.

Coming from Atlanta, we drive down always… (well, almost always). Having the car I find is always faster (Pre Covid) than the busses to EP, HS, and AK. MK is the exception, but with careful planning we negotiate that. Even with having to park I just find I get to where I am going faster.

It is far less “Disney Sexy” to drive than to use the available transit, but I am ok with it.