Transportation to Blizzard Beach from All Star Sports

What is the best way to get from All Star Sports to Blizzard Beach? It looks like I have to go to Animal Kingdom and get on another bus to Blizzard Beach. Is this the fastest way? Also, going back to the resort, do I have to do the same thing?


If you’re looking for the fastest way using Disney Transportation, yes, that’s the fastest way.

If you’re looking for another way that doesn’t cost $, you could also try walking. There is an available sidewalk, and it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

Otherwise, drive yourself or catch a Lyft (or Uber) would be the fastest way overall. Google Maps thinks its about a mile and a half from Sports to the Gate of BB.

I give up - trying to link the walking directions and failing.

Wait! Are the All Stars the only resorts that have direct transportation to/from B.B.? I thought it was All Stars and AKL and they only stopped the All Stars? Have they stopped them now too?

This was what I was talking about

It was confirmed last June but I do not know if it is still true

I called Disney and they said there is a bus directly to Blizzard Beach from All Star Sports. I’ll have to confirm when I get to Disney.