Transportation time from MK/Contemporary to Port Canaveral

Morning Liners! I was hoping someone had an idea how long it would take to get from the Contemporary to port canaveral by private transport (we’re a larger group so this makes more sense than DCL transport). Also, recommendations on who to use would be great. We’ll need to use private transport from MCO to WDW, then WDW to Port Canaveral, then Port Canaveral to MCO. Thanks.

I think you should plan on an hour to accommodate traffic. How many people are in your larger group? For our cruise in November, we have 4 adults and 2 kids and we’re renting a minivan for the cheapest option.

5 adults one child but arriving late at night from MCO to Disney and don’t want to fool with car rental/parking. So far called Happy Limo and 3-way trip seemed cheaper than using DCL at $70pp. We don’t want MDE late on night of arrival anyway.