Transportation questions! First time on MR

we are staying at the grand floridian
I want the best methods of getting to Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, and Askhers

We have breakfast reservations at Kona (poly) before Animal Kingdom, we will just go straight to HS and we have Ashkerus on the day of Epcot. I didn’t know which was quicker to walk, from the international gateway or just take the monorail?


Not sure that I totally understand your question. To get to Animal Kingdom from the Poly, your only option would be bus (or car/cab, but I am assuming you are using Disney transportation.) To get to Epcot from the Grand Floridian, you could take the Monorail from the TTC or you could take a bus. Akershus is inside Epcot, not at the International Gate.

To get to DHS, your best bet again will be a bus directly from your resort. Technically, you could take the Monorail to Epcot, then walk/boat to DHS through the International Gate, but that would be a much longer process.

you answered everything I was asking. Someone had suggested going to the international gate then walking into Epcot might would be quicker than taking the MR to epcot and walking to Ashk,

Would you be coming from your resort or from DHS? If you are coming from DHS, then yes, going into Epcot from the International Gateway would make the most sense. You can either walk to the IG from DHS or take one of the boats there.

If coming from the Grand Flo, getting to the IG is not really possible unless going by cab to a Epcot-area resort. For example, you could take a cab from GF to the Beach Club, then walk through the IG. But there is no resort-to-resort Disney transportation.

I gotcha, ok I will just got monorail then because when we go to epcot we will be going from the GF

I think someone may have thought the GF was an Epcot area resort. Those resorts can walk to International Gateway and enter Epcot (very easy). GF is a monorail resort. You will love it!