Transportation Question

We are dining at WL before MNSSHP. Will it be possible to leave the vehicle (handicap permit due to mom) there while we do the party or will we need to leave WL and park at TTC? I know in the past parking for dining was with a time limit but have heard differently recently.

I am sure you will be fine to park there.

Agreed. When you check in for your ressie they will usually tell you that parking is only for the time you are there to eat- but I have never heard of the ‘Disney Police’ ticketing someone. One more piece of advice. If you don’t have your own car with you and are renting- triple check that your mom has her paper placard in her wallet to display on the dash. I forgot mine one year- and it was not a pleasant trip. We were able to park fine everywhere, but I had to explain the situation to every parking attendant and it ate up valuable time.

If you have a handicapped placard, you can get free valet parking at any of the deluxe resorts. DW is handicapped, and we had free valet parking for the entire week we stayed at AKL, as well as all of the deluxe resorts that we went to for dinner. I made it a point to be extra generous with the tips…