Transportation question - How does it work?

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We are currently scheduled to go on our very first cruise out of Port Canaveral on May 9 with a post-cruise stay at Coronado Springs.

I‘ve added transportation through DCL, but I am pretty confused how that works and how to let them know where to pick us up/drop us off.

We are flying into MCO on May 8 and staying at the Ramada by Wyndham Suites Orlando Airport.
After debarkation we have a stay at Coronado Springs booked.

How do I let DCL know that I would like to be picked up at the airport on May 9th and want to be dropped off at Coronado on May 13th? Currently I can only add transportation to my cruise package without being able to specify anything.

Will my plan work as mentioned? Or should I plan on Uber/Lyft to get to the cruise terminal and WDW?

Thanks in advance!

Hello! I’m sorry no one has replied sooner, I think your post must have been lost in the crowd. I’m bumping this to get more attention. @JenniferB1975 did a recent cruise and used Disney transportation for some of it. She might be able to help answer your questions.

We did a DCL cruise with a WDW hotel stay several years ago, but things have changed since then.

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I used a TA and she booked everything for me but when I did the online check in, it asked about how I was getting to Port Canaveral, my flight info, and where I was going after debarking the ship. I think that’s how they know where to pick you up and take you to after. We took a private car there and the Disney bus back to Coronado Springs. The details are a little sketchy now (our cruise was 10/11-10/15) but from what I remember our key to the world card from the cruise had a letter indicating we would be going back to WDW using Disney transportation. There were people at the bus area when we left the cruise terminal asking what Disney resort we would be going to and pointed us to the correct bus. As far as taking Disney transportation to the port, I think you just go to the bus pick up area at the airport. There are Cast Members holding signs in the luggage retrieval area that say Disney Cruise Line.


Thank you so much for your reply! That helps pretty much!

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Question related to this… we want to play it safe and fly in to MCO the day before, then stay at a hotel near the port. If we ask for transfers, does that take us to a port hotel or to the actual port?

Or are we better off looking for a hotel that has an MCO shuttle, but then how do we get from hotel to port the next day? I have never cruised before, so sorry if this is somehow obvious :smiley:

We’ve done this a couple times, for RCL cruises. We flew into MCO the day before and stayed near the airport at a hotel that had a free airport shuttle. The next day, we used their shuttle to return to MCO then take a commercial shuttle, Cortrans, to the ship. We simply booked Cortrans using flight info that matched the desired time. Maybe Disney has similar MCO to ship transportation, then you can compare the costs.

I think if you wanted to stay near the port, most commercial transfers will only take you to a ship. PC has just a few ships in port at a time, and they’re very close to each other.