Transportation Grand Floridain


I will be staying at the Grand Floridian in October.

I have an 820am reservation at MAGIC KINGDOM on a 9am MK opening… if the monorails are on a modified schedule that day I had two quick questions.
What time do the boats start to MK?

will buses be provided


I think it is a disgrace that that the monorail resorts have “modified” schedules. They push the convenience of the monorail and then they don’t deliver.

I am sure the boats will be running in plenty of time for you.

What day of the week is your ADR? They will have other options for you but it has only been delayed a coup,e of days a week lately.

I’d suggest asking at the GF the day prior just to make sure - they should know the schedule by then. For reference the boat picks up at GF & then goes to the Poly which makes it a slow trip over. We would ride the monorail to MK & then take the boat back as the quickest in each direction…

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