Transportation from POR for pre-RD ADRs in March

Staying at POR, we have H&V at 8:35am in March, and a BOG 8:10am another day. Both parks are a 9 am opening, just wondering what time you’d recommend trying to get the bus. Or are we better off grabbing an Uber those mornings?

You should be able to catch a bus. It always worried me, because I thought they started an hour before park opening, but every time I asked a CM they said they start earlier than that to get people to breakfast. I’d start waiting for a bus 40-50 minutes before your ADR time, maybe more. I’ve done both, taken the bus, and taken a taxi.

I’ve done this from POFQ and Coronado, and both times went very smoothly. They start letting everyone with a pre-RD ADR into the parks at about 7:50. They check for reservations, and there will be a line, but it moves quickly. So regardless of your specific ADR time, I think it’s nice to get there by 7:45. I headed out of my room at about 7:15 and caught a bus without too much of a wait both times. If it takes a little while for the bus, you’ll have plenty of extra time, and if the bus arrives right away you’ll have time to hang out and take pictures before you go into the restaurant. Likewise, if you decide not to leave your room until later, that’s fine too. Just look for the ADR check in line (all the way to the left at MK) when you get there, so you don’t get mixed in with the people waiting for the park to open.


Thank-you both, great tips for making those ADRs on time, or even a little early ;). One more quick q - is do you know if there a separate line for breakfast check-ins at HS as well? Thx!

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There’s a separate line for breakfast check-ins at all four of the parks.