Transportation from POP to ESPN WWOS

Howdy! We are travelling from Texas to the Disney Volleyball Showcase April 7-9. So excited to be back in the World!!

My question is, does Disney transportation go to WWOS? I know Pop Century, where we are staying, is a host hotel.


I do not recall seeing direct bus transportation from POP to WWOS.
Taxi’s were always on standby at POP - both times I have stayed there.

Although, if they are hosting it, I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t add transportation during that time period.

All else fails, get yourself an Uber or Lyft. Here’s details on how that works in Orlando and WDW.
Click the title for the full article: Look at the FAQs. Pop Century has a bus (We have used it to ESPN WWOS). It gives you travel times when it is available.

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I looked all over their website for this information! Thanks for tracking it down for me!!