Transportation from Pop Century questions

So we plan to use the 8:30 early entry at the parks for our 3 days: MK, EPCOT, and Hollywood Studios.

If we leave the room at 7 right after dealing with the Genie+ and ILL (if we do that), are we good to get to the parks before or around 8?

And for EPCOT, this would be 9:30 early entry so leaving the room at 8.

This will be mid-May.

It’s been a while since we took buses and I honestly don’t remember how long the skyliner took the last time we were there.

I have the same question too. Will the skyliner get me to ROTR in time for the 8:00 opening? So following along for intel.

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I thought they weren’t doing busses to EP and HS if the Skyliner is running. I think the general thing I’ve heard is leave for Skyliner 60-90 mins before EE to be near the front of EE RDers.


busses don’t run from pop for HS and EP when skyliner is available. I had no trouble making rope drop using skyliner, but I was always out there rope dropping the skyliner, lol. I was at least 90 min ahead of park open because I am neurotic like that.

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