Transportation from PoFQ to:

WL: Would taking the bus to MK then a boat to WL going to take forever? I think we are leaning towards just driving ourselves there, but a boat ride would be nice.

Poly: Bus to MK to Resort Monorail? This will be the only time we would get to ride the monorail. How long should we estimate for that route to take?

The bus to MK is 13 mins. But you don’t know how long you’ll wait for that, and then how long you’ll wait for the next transportation.

We have done bus to MK, monorail to GF and it took probably 50 minutes. But it could have taken 90 if things went wrong.

If you want to be in control, drive. If you’re willing to budget a hefty amount of time just in case, go via MK.

K. Thanks

You could also drive to Poly and then go for a ride on the monorail.

That’s a good idea! We can ride the loop without getting off?

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Awesome! Thanks!! :blush: