Transportation from MK to AK

Does anyone know if there is a direct bus from MK to AK? If so, does it pick up at TTC or right at the entrance? Thanks!

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I believe there is and that it picks up from the bus depot right outside MK entrance, but I am curious to hear from someone who has used it for sure!


The buses to other parks only start running in the afternoon for 2pm park hopping. I’ve used them and Jeff is correct about their location.


There is park to park busing and it starts just before hop time (2pm)


We hopped from MK to AK last Wednesday and yes, the buses are outside of MK. They do not run very frequently though, one was full and leaving when we got there and it was a good 20-30 minutes before another showed up. Same as when we hopped from HS to MK. Give yourself lots of time.