Transportation from MCO with grocery stop

Flying into MCO, staying 4 nights at RPR this Dec (12/10-12/14). I’d like to get some basic groceries to save a little money (half gallon of milk, granola bars, waters, soft drinks, etc). I see that the car service companies will stop for 30 minutes IF you book a roundtrip with them, but they seem more expensive overall than Uber or a taxi even. There will be 4 of us, with at least 4 bags and 4 carry-ons. Does anyone have suggestions for us?

Should we get groceries delivered, do any of the delivery companies go to UOR?

Should we take an Uber/taxi from the hotel once we get there and have checked in (not crazy about this because it takes up MORE time)?

Or will Uber or a taxi stop at a grocery store on the way? (I know a taxi will but leave the meter running, I’m guessing Uber would too. But we’ve not used Uber yet.)

Or should we just suck it up buttercup and pay for a car service round trip? :slight_smile:

Hi Twinkleman
I am arriving about a week before you and booked one way car through Quicksilver. The Orlando Informer website states that if you mention “OI/2015” they will give you a complimentary 30 min shopping stop on a one way trip. I have a party of 5 plus 5 bags and booked a van to Hard Rock, they honoured the code and have included a stop on a one way transfer. The price quoted is $96 including 20% gratuity.

We arrive at night and will have flown 24 hours or so from Australia so didn’t want to bother with a cab or Uber. if you are interested the link to the Orlando Informer page is:-

Thank you wshoggan, I have Quicksilver on my list. We might just bite the bullet and use a round trip service. It’s very possible that I’m spending too much time looking around to end up saving less than $25 when its all calculated. :slight_smile:

If you use Uber, you can ask your driver if they mind waiting for you. If they don’t mind, they will leave the meter running. Looks like it will cost you $0.35/minute while they wait for you. If they don’t want to wait for you, you can simply summon a different car once you are done shopping. If you do go with uber, I strongly recommend you get an “XL” vehicle. With 4 people, luggage and groceries, X won’t be big enough.
According to the Uber estimate page your trip from MCO to Universal will cost $59-74 using UberSelectXL (you must use UberSelect when being picked up at MCO). Your trip back will actually be cheaper because you can use regular UberXL. That will only cost $28-37.
You said you’ve never used Uber before, You can use this promotion code to save $25 on your first trip:
It’s only good for people that have never used Uber before, so whenever you use Uber for the first time, before or during your Orlando trip, make sure to use it for your first Uber trip…

If you don’t want to stop for groceries and simply have them at your hotel when you arrive, We used but they only deliver to WDW. You can google for others that will. I found this one: Here is their Universal Orlando policy: “We only deliver to Cabana Bay Beach Resort, Sapphire Falls and Hard Rock between 9am and 11am. These resorts will not hold groceries and you MUST be available during the entire 2 hour window to personally accept your groceries. Portofino and Royal Pacific will accept groceries at bell service. These policies are subject to change at any time so make sure you contact your resort.

Good luck and have fun!

Or you could rent a car for your trip. Check out @JackOfAll’s car rental tip thread Car Rental Advice from JackOfAll. With a little bit of work you can probably get a car for your whole trip for less than the two way limo trip. That way you have no time restrictions on your shopping time, and have the additional flexibility of having your own car while you are in the World.

Thank you for all the info and Thanks for the code! I’ve set up an account, but never booked a ride. Will the code still work?

It should work. Don’t enter it until you’re within 14 days of needing it. I think once you enter it you only have two weeks to use it.

Thanks for that link. Parking a car cost $22 a night at Universal RPR. Crazy!!!

Awesome, thanks!

For real!? They charge you to park at the hotel you’re paying to stay at?

Failed to notice that you were talking about UOR, not WDW. Yes, the parking charges put a considerable dent in any savings that you may have. :frowning:

Try Destination MCO - we used them - they were awesome. Sure you can work something out.

We stayed at Sapphire and they had a complimentary car and driver that took us for groceries. Saved us paying for a stop with the taxi. We did tip him, of course. Royal Pacific should have the same, no?